How to Manually Update WordPress

There are two easy ways to manually update WordPress, via FTP and File Manager, here’s how to do it.

But, why do I need to know how to do it?

Let’s say you’re having issues updating your WordPress installation via the dashboard, like getting some errors, then this is how you manually update WordPress.

FIRST, download the latest WordPress installation from WordPress.

SECOND, delete the wp-includes and wp-admin folders using FTP or File Manager

Remember, DO NOT DELETE the wp-content folder, because this is where your plugins, themes and uploads are saved.

Update using FTP

  1. Upload the latest downloaded installation in .zip or .tar.gz file where the current installation is.
  2. Unzip the file if your FTP has this feature, if not, unzip it via the File Manager

If you’re not in a hurry and your FTP can’t unzip, you can unzip the file in your computer and upload all the files using FTP.

Update using File Manager

  1. Login to your server’s control panel
  2. Go to File Manager and upload your zip file there
  3. Unzip the file

So normally, when you unzip the file, you will see a new wordpress folder, open that wordpress folder, and move it’s contents to where the installation is.

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